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Alan ordered an SS108-A cam online which arrived on Tuesday 18th September, "Hi, the package arrived this morning. Super quick delivery considering I only ordered Sunday 16th."

Alan Wilson - New Zealand


Basil ordered 220-C cams and this is what he had to say: " I will go to bed happy tonight, having averted a disaster at the shop due to cams delay. Excellent speed and friendly service. No wonder Kelford is so popular..."

Basil at Tensai Tuning - United Arab Emirates


Andrew emailed us regarding the 199-C cams he ordered, "I've read many car features and kelford cams is what a lot of people use. Daniel from car mods australia recommended the cams. Also a mate has the same cams in his wrx. All i can say after going for a ride in his wrx is...Brilliant...Absolutely Brilliant!"

Andrew Colquhoun - Australia


Cams turned up yesterday, great service, good shipping time. I'm over the moon...

Jason King - Tasmania, Australia


Thanks for letting me know how my order is progressing. I'm pushing some pretty tight timeframes and it makes the world of difference when suppliers pass on info like this. I've dealt with you guys before and I'm again impressed with your fantastic customer service. I will be sure to pass on my good experiences with the rest of the club.

Ben Gibson - NSW, Australia


Kelford is the best you're going to get when it comes to power level out of your cams. Kevin, who owns Kelford is one of the smartest people in our industry, and he's friends with the smartest! We use them in everything now...

David Localio - Head Games Motorworks - NJ, U.S.A.


Your cam numbers were right on the mark! After the initial break in period, we dynoed the car and on the first pass it went 5 lbs overboost and it made 840 HP, 110 HP more than before. We lower the boost to 38lbs,the same setting as before and it gave us 785hp, a full 80hp more just from the cams. I could not believe it

Tony Negron - The Racing Store - FL, U.S.A


Since the beginning of 2009, we have been using Kelford Cams' products  in our shop and in our Performance Garage in Dubai.
We and our customers are satisfied with the superior quality and performance of the products. The pricings are attractive and affordable at such qualities.
Thanks to Kelford Cams for such service and products.

Reginaldo - SubZero Motors - Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We fitted some Kelford L182B camshafts to a Nissan RB25/30 cylinder head along with some port work and solid lifter conversion and the results were amazing.

We saw a 70Kilowatt (94horsepower) gain and all that using 6 pounds less boost. We saw a jump from 432 rear wheel kilowatts to 499 kilowatts.

From that day Kelford Cams is our first choice in Camshafts.

Wilfred Chang - JHH Performance Engineering - Queensland, Australia


We've been using and selling Kelford camshafts for quite some time now and have found them to be an excellent product range, very easy to setup and very well made. The grinds are well suited to their given applications, and it always impresses me even with the more aggressive cams how well the cars can actually be setup to idle and drive. The team at Kelford are always extremely helpful, quality is always paramount, and the cams work as they're meant to - it makes for a very easy product to retail, recommend and use. (it's what we use in our own cars)

Adam Courtis - Tuspeed Pty Ltd - Victoria, Australia


Tasmanian Engine Reconditioning Services have been using Kelford Cams since October 2008. The service is great and there is always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. We are in Tasmania and our orders are always delivered in a timely manner. We have used the following Cams from Kelford: SR20, 3SGTE, 4AG, 4AGT, RB25, RB26, 2JZGTE. The feedback we get from our customers is fantastic, they are all very pleased with the end results. The products are excellent, the service is excellent and we will certainly be doing more business with Kelford Cams in the future.

We recently fitted Kelford cams to a GTiR Pulsar with awesome results. The car has had numerous track days and after the fit the car was 1.5 seconds quicker than the previous time at a local track. The extra power gained then blew up the gearbox, the customer was completely stoked with this result.

Matthew & Michelle - Tasmanian Engine Reconditioning Services - Tasmania, Australia