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  • John Bradshaw uses Kelford Cams in his record breaking Nissan 350Z
  • The worlds quickest and fastest naturally aspirated small block V8 is powered by Kelford Cams
  • Kelford development car. 500hp at the wheels and perfect driveability from just a cam swap, cat replacement and tune.
  • Kelford Cams make a great range of camshafts for Cosworth BDA - BDG engines
  • A Kelford firing order swap camshaft helps Shane McIntyre become the most winning Super Saloon drive in the last three years.

Buy Kelford - Get More Power - Win Races




At Camshaft Shop it is our mission to sell high quality camshafts at realistic prices to the global market. We specialize in high performance Japanese engines and endeavour to bring you the latest specifications and developments.

Whether you want a mild power increase in your daily driven MX5, serious power gains in your EVO7 or loads of top end in your AllMotor Honda we can supply the cam you need.

Every camshaft we sell has been crafted to exacting standards established through many years of rigorous, high performance testing. We mostly stock the Kelford range of camshafts, produced in New Zealand and recognised throughout the world and an industry standard in camshaft technology. All of our team are engine builders, cam designers/manufacturers and racers. We have a vast knowledge of engine combinations for all types of motorsport and we know how to match camshafts to engine and vehicle requirements.

If you need advice or have specific requirements that may require custom design or manufacture, please feel free to email or call us.


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