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Valve Springs

The Kelford Valve Spring (KVS) range is designed by us to suit the specific engine makes and models that we make camshafts for and the majority of our springs are made for us under licence by PAC Racing Springs in USA.

At Kelford Cams we engineer our valve springs with each engine model's specific characteristics in mind. We incorporate the latest design techniques and take into account the loads required to control the valve at certain boost and rpm levels amongst many other things. From there PAC wind the springs for us and add their vast experience, technology and superior surface finishing processes such as gold nitriding and nanopeening.

Valve springs are one of the lowest cost assets in your motor, the difference in price from a budget set to a quality set is not a lot so we decided to build a range that offers the best performance and best protection for your engine. If you want budget, look elsewhere. if you want the best advice and best products, you are in the right place.

There are many more valve springs being added so check back or e mail us for what you need.

Simply hover your mouse over the' Valve Springs' Tab and click on the engine make below then your engine model to view the Valve Springs and other parts we have available for your engine.