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Welcome to CamshaftShop.com, the official online store for Kelford Cams products.

This site is designed to help you choose the correct camshaft and valve spring combination for your engine. Simply follow the steps below, at any time if you are unsure, please use the contact form to email us your query.

  1. From the top menu, select the engine manufacturer of your choice; a drop down menu of engine models will appear, simply click on the engine model of your choice.

  2. Now you are at a page that has a list of our available camshafts for the engine model chosen. Each camshaft part number has a short description which will give you duration, lift and application. Simply click on a camshaft part number to find more information on that particular product.

  3. Now you are at the product page, here you will find more information such as the specification sheet, any reviews, dyno sheets and much more. Also on this page are other components we recommend for use with this camshaft. Matching the correct valve spring to the camshaft is very important.

    You can order the camshaft and matching components from this page, you can also email us directly from this page to ask questions about this product specifically.

    The price displayed is in either $US or $NZ depending on your location. New Zealand and Australian customers have shipping included. We ship to all countries using DHL. The freight price can be seen on the product page by clicking on 'how much is shipping to my country'.

  4. If you have made your purchasing decision, simply click  and this will then take you to the recommended products section so that you can either add the recommended springs or other parts of your choice, or you can click on to  complete the order.

  5. Our checkout page gives you a review of the parts you have put into your shopping cart and it has our terms and conditions which explains shipping, returns and our privacy policy. Simply review the order, tick the 'I have read the terms and conditions' box and then hit the CHECKOUT button.

  6. To complete the checkout process, simply choose from creating an account, logging in to your account (if you already have one) or continuing the purchase without creating an account. Then fill in your delivery details and choose your preferred payment option. The options are bank deposit or credit card.

  7. The order is complete, you will receive an email invoice to let you know that we have received your order. If you have chosen bank deposit as the payment option, the account details for the deposit are on the invoice.

    We hope that your shopping experience with us has been easy and helpful. Please send us any feedback on our products or processes as we are always looking to improve our service to you.